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Tape Repairing
We provides out of warranty repair services for all brands and technology of tapes drives, autoloaders and libraries. The expertise of our technicians extends beyond what is listed.
Brands includes :
ADIC, ATL, Compaq, Exabyte, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, M4 Data, McData, Overland Data, Qualstar, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, Sun etc.
Technologies includes :
DLT, SDLT1, SDLT2, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, DAT/4mm, 8mm, AIT, QIC/SLR, 3480/90/90E etc.
Key Features :
Free evaluation using our latest diagnostic tools and test
Fast, free, firm quote within 48 hrs of receiving your tape drive
Guaranteed satisfaction - no repair, no charge
No hidden and surprise fees added on later
After repairs are made, each tape drive is extensively tested to assure that only the highest quality products are returned to you.
3 months warranty on not just the repairs we make for you, but the entire tape drive itself, applicable to desktop model only
Request for extended warranty with a minimum fee
Request for 1 to 1 repair exchange, subject to availability
Request for loan unit, subject to availability

Simply send your broken tape drive or tape autoloader to our repair centre along with your contact details. Unless we have a fixed price repair agreement, we will always provide you with a quote within 48 hrs.
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ASCare Maintenance Services offer a comprehensive range of enhanced on-site service and support options for all ranges of single drives, autoloaders, and tape library systems. Enjoy the peace of mind with our services which protect your systems from the negative impact of extended downtime.
Bronze - On-site 5 x 9 x ND services
ASCare field engineers respond on-site during the next business day, five days a week, nine hours a day, excluding public holidays.
Silver - On-site 5 x 9 x 4 services
ASCare field engineers respond on-site within four hours during the same business day, five days a week, nine hours a day, excluding public holidays.
Gold - On-site 7 x 24 x 4 services
ASCare field engineers respond on-site within four hours any day of the week.
You gain these benefits with ASCare Maintenance Services :
Avoid costly tape drive repair bills
Avoid lengthy down times while your drive is being repaired
Avoid tape drive rental bills
Avoid extra complications and hassle.
Avoid data loss risk

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can have the protection for your data that many organisations already enjoy.
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ASCare provides short or long term tape drive rentals with flexible options to suit your needs. As one of the few specialised tape backup rental companies in Asia Pacific, ASCare rents most types of tape drives and tape autoloaders.
Contact us for a quote. We can ship most products on the next business day of your request. Tape drives can be rented with or without media.
Short Term Rentals
Weekly or monthly rental – the choice is yours. Flexible options make our tape drive rental units ideal for a short term project, IT change over or while your broken tape drive is being repaired.
Long Term Rentals
Monthly, quarterly, yearly or anything in between – we can supply your rental need. Whether your business is expanding and you are still unsure which tape technology to migrate to or whether you would prefer the long term tax advantages of renting over purchasing, then contact us to discuss the best long term rental options.
Tape Technologies Available for Rental:
Rent or hire from us DAT, DDS-3, DDS-4, DDS5, 8mm, Mammoth, VXA-2, AIT, DLT, SDLT, LTO, LTO2, SLR, 3480/90 etc. Contact us for specific models, we have most available for rent.
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With ASCare Installation and Integration Services, you are set to enhance after-sales service for a new system purchased. For just a nominal fee, you will be assured of all compatibility issue is well taken care of.
Installation Services
ASCare Installation Services include:
  • Inspecting the product for any damage that may have occurred during shipment
  • Uncrating the product, rack mount kit, etc. and removing shipping materials
  • Leveling and alignment (if applicable)
  • Attaching the product to the host device or network
  • Exercising the product to ensure successful connection
  • Providing product overview and proper handling instructions

Integration Services
ASCare Integration Services include any or all of the following:
Hardware configuration — install and configure networked storage hardware including switches, hubs, host bus adapters, etc.
Software configuration — install and configure related software, including backup software, drivers, patches, etc.
Custom product configuration — once the product is installed and working successfully, incorporate custom configuration that may be required for your environment
System testing and debugging — test and debug process of all the network storage hardware and software to ensure successful integration of all components
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Murphy's Law says that when something can go wrong, it will. And our long experience with data recovery tells us that when something does go wrong, it is always at the worst possible time and with the most important data. That is why ASCare stands behind each and every of our customer with our Duplication, Interchange and Recovery services.

ASCare Duplication allows you to quickly move existing data from one tape format to another. It can duplicate any tape with any SCSI or EIDE tape technology and image the tape to a disk file.
Data Duplication
ASCare Duplication allows you to quickly move existing data from one tape format to another. It can duplicate any tape with any SCSI or EIDE tape technology and image the tape to a disk file.
Data Transfer
Gives you the ability to move existing tape data from one tape format to another. Convert between these formats: DLT, SDLT, LTO, AIT, 8mm, QIC, SLR, DAT, 3480/3490/3490E etc.
Multiple Backups
Allows you to copy your backups. This will save you time if you need to store backups off site and you only have one tape drive. Simultaneously copy from one source to one or many destinations.
Hardware Upgrades
Supports all SCSI/EIDE tape formats so you can duplicate and migrate data from one tape drive, autoloader or library to another with no hassle. This solves all problems with compatibility problems related to upgrading to new tape backup technologies!
Data Interchange
Our solution includes powerful tape handling and data management software utilities for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP platforms, with the ability to transfer and manage all types of data and all kinds of SCSI tape drives between operating systems and different architectures. It reads and writes various formats including Fixed Length, IBM or ANSII variable length and even undefined tape record formats. It also reads and writes IBM or ANSI Labeled or Unlabeled tapes, translates EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC. With our solution, there are few, if any limits for users to manipulate and interchange their data.
Tape Data Recovery
Unsure of what backup formats was written on your legacy tape ? Send it to us and we will recover your data as long as the tape is not physically damaged.
We have recovered data written using a variety of different packages and utilities, these include the following:
  • Microsoft tape backup
  • Arcserve
  • Legatto Networker
  • Symantec Netbackup
  • Symantec BackupExe
  • Unix tape backup (cpio, dump and tar)
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ASCare data recovery evaluation request form. Download it here.
Step 1: Call our advisors at 6276 9611. The information you provide will allow our advisors to choose the appropriate course or action in assisting your data to be recover.
Step 2: Please print and complete our data recovery evaluation request form and dispatch together with the faulty harddisk to the address details shown on the form. We will provide you with written analysis confirming the actual percentage of data we can recover from the media, or if advised by you, confirm specific file names, with total time required and a quotation. At this point authorization must be received from you before we commence with any further process.
Step 3: Once authorization has been received the data recovery will commence. All data advised within the analysis report will be returned on a media format pre-agreed by you.
  • We provide free evaluation for you faulty HDDs
  • Guarantee with No Data, No Charges policy
  • 100% Kept recovered data privacy and confidentiality
  • Data recovery from physically malfunctioning HDDs
  • Data recovery in cases of damaged logical structures
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Magnetic media basic operate principle
Write data
A tiny recording head creates magnetic patterns by magnetizing small magnetic particles embedded in the surface of the media.
Erase data
The patterns remain on the media until changed by an opposing magnetic field with field strength greater than the coercivity level of the magnetic particle. This means that to completely remove data on the media, it must be passed through a very strong and concentrated magnetic field.
What is Degaussing?
Degaussing is a separate process from the computer system. It is a process that utilizes a machine to produce a strong electromagnetic field that destroys magnetically recorded data on a magnetic media. (E.g. hard disk and tape media...)
Who and Why degaussing is needed for your media?
• Radio/Television broadcasters: enables expensive tapes to be re-used.
• Computer departments of corporations: allows re-use of back up tapes and safe disposal of information from PC hard drives.
• Data Storage Companies: data no longer needed can be easily and efficiently erased.
• Defense Organisations: confidential and top secret information can be erased.
• CCTV Operators: allows VHS tapes to be re-used again and again.
• Audio/Video duplicators: allows re-use of any production over runs and returned out of date tapes.
• Financial Services: Banks and insurance companies can use a degausser to re-use magnetic media for voice logging systems.
• Emergency Services: Re-use tapes used in voice logging systems.
• Hospitals: erase sensitive information held on magnetic media, such as patient records no longer required.
• Universities: allows student records that are no longer needed to be erased.
Now you can have a peace of mind with our secure degaussing service
• We provide both offsite and onsite services.
• Professional technician to perform your requested job.
• Guarantee 100% data sanitized, using CISA certified deguasser.
•“Rebounding Erasure” method, complied to US, DoD most recommended degaussing standard.

Any enquiry, please contact our sale coordinator at: 6276 9611 or email:
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Need your label order processed quickly? Let us print them for you. Our eXpress service provides a 24-hour turnaround time on your orders received before 1pm from Monday to Thursday. We providing the superior quality and speedy service that customer deserve and expect from us.

ASC custom created media barcode labels for all leading tape library manufacturers and integrators.Now you can buy direct from us with complete customization without the high prices and long wait.

Our barcode labels will help you create the most efficient filing solution for your business. By using a combination of your own color-coding, alphanumeric sequencing and, tape retrieval and filing time is reduced to a minimum.

You can also purchase your backup tape media directly from us, and let us pre-label it for you, saving you time and money.
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