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Our Vision

To ensure optimal data availability, recovery and security for maximum business continuity across all industries.
Tape Drive Repair & Sales Centre
We specialise in the repair and sale of tape drives. From DLT to DAT and from LTO to AIT we cater for all tape formats and all types of customer.

The best DLT SDLT LTO IBM 3490E 3590 3592 Tape autoloader, Tape Library and Tape Drive Repair Service Maintenance Centre in Singapore. Other services include Data Recovery, Degaussing, Incineration, Bar Code Label Printing, Sales of Tape Media Cartridge, Refurbished Tape Drives and Degausser.

We provide recovery services to retrieve data from damaged desktop hard disk, external hard disk, laptop, raid array, CD/DVD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, Digital Camera Card, Tape Catridges, Zip or Jazz Disk, Floppy Disks, Syjet and Sparq. And others, too.

We understand how critical your need is to have an effective data recovery service. With many years experience and countless successful recoveries for domestic, commercial and government customers we are your trusted solution provider when disaster strikes. more
Data leakage does not only cause financial lost, it is just like a time bomb which can be a real disaster, if not handle properly.
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) had recommended a solid compliance directive for data media disposal. It is a combination of logical data elimination (Degaussing) and secure disposal through physical destruction.
The vision of ASC is to assist any organization who needs to fulfill and uphold this final level of data protection.
Erasers / Duplicators Hard Drive Duplicator and Eraser is the ideal tool for SCSI hard drive duplication and erasure. It is designed to copy data from 1 master drive to 4 SCSI target hard drives. It supports IDE hard drives and SATA drives with optional adapters. Erases drives to DoD specification, which are later reusable. Read more...
Erase SecurelyWhen you erase a file on your computer, the actual data in the file is not overwritten. The space utilized by that file is simply marked as "free" for use by other data.

Once other data is written in that space, the original data becomes unrecoverable -- by most people.

Those little bits of magnetic media that store 0's and 1's are a bit more complex, however. With sensitive and sophisticated equipment, it is theoretically possible to recover data even after it has been written over.

The method to securely erase data is to write over the same physical spot on the hard disk multiple times with different patterns, effectively obliterating the magnetic signatures of the data which was once there. Read more

The future of backup to tape and a look at LTO-5 tape technology
LTO5 TapeDespite decreasing sales revenue in 2009, tape remains a popular storage media, but why is that? This tip explores some of the reasons why backup to tape is still popular, and takes a look at the latest iteration of LTO tape technology, LTO-5. Read More
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With our fast evaluation and excellent service in Data Storage Management, ASC guarantees to deliver best of breed products and good quality support with a very competitive pricing.
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Save your business from the troubles of data loss, as ASC provides assurance and peace of mind.
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